1975 Unimog U1100

This is a ex-Danish Army 1975 Unimog U1100 (aka 416). Mechanically this Unimog is excellent. This Unimog is just broken in with less than 25k original miles! As a result everything works and it is a very strong runner. Cosmetically it is a bit scruffy with typical army paint. Overall, the Unimog has virtually no rust and the cab is in excellent condition. There is a little rust under the headlights which is common. However the rust is not major and has not effected the metal behind it. It is an easy repair. Otherwise there is no rot anywhere on the cab or chassis.

The engine has less than 900 hours on it and is a very strong runner. The gearbox is the optional 4x2, which means it has 4 gears in high ratio and 4 in low ratio. It also has a two speed reversible PTO. This PTO is rated at 70hp and runs at 540rpm or 1100rpm. The PTO is compatible with standard agricultural implements such as Woods, John Deere, Kubota etc.

This Unimog comes with the original soft top rear canopy. This consists of a front and rear wood panel, all hoops and beams, and an insulated vinyl canopy. The canopy goes on or off easily and as a result this Unimog can be used as a camper, pick-up and/or a work vehicle.

This is truly an excellent Unimog and mechanically outstanding. This Unimog is registered and inspected in NH ready to drive home! You will not find a nicer Unimog located and registered in the USA in this price range.

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US$ 15,900

Unimog U1100 front right Unimog U1100 front right
Unimog 416 door Unimog u1100 416 interior
Unimog u1100 416 right door Unimog u1100 416 floor
Unimog U1100 416 door left Unimog U1100 416 Speedo
Unimog U1100 416 gearshifters Unimog U1100 416 gearbox
Unimog U1100 gearbox Unimog U1100 416 interior
Unimog U1100 gearbox Unimog U1100 416 rear axle
Unimog U1100 416 underbody Unimog U1100 underbody
Unimog U1100 416 side tailgates Unimog U1100 engine right side
Unimoig U1100 416 left side Unimog U1100 416 hourmeter
Unimog U1100 416 interior Unimog U1100 416 odo
Unimog U1100 416 right headlight Unimog U1100 416 left headlight