U1300 on footpath

Here are some other websites we have found informative:

Official Daimler Chrysler Websites

Daimler Chrysler / Freightliner Official North American Website
This website only covers the more modern (add less capable) U300 - U500 series. However there is a lot of information and older Unimogs are more capable albeit not as modern or comfortable, although the U1300 is pretty close.

Mercedes-Benz UK Unimog Website
This website covers the U300, U400, and U500 like the American website but also covers the U3000-U5000 which they classify as the "extreme off-roader." The U3000 - U5000 are based on the same SBU series as the U1300-U2150 and other than a different engine and cab refinements, are virtually identical. Links on this website will lead to Unimog history, options etc.


Unimog Clubs and Enthusiast Websites

Unimog Club Gaggenau
This is the German Unimog Club website and is in German. If you speak German there are lots of good resources here.

Rocky Mountain Moggers
This is one of the most informative American Unimog websites. They have a great links page. Lots of other Unimog dealers listed here. Shop around - we are confident you will come back to the UnimogCenter.

United Kingdom Unimog Owners Website
Great website with lots of info, especially on converting a U1300 into an expedition vehicle.

Ed Sander's Unimog Website
Ed's got all sorts of interesting thing on his website including info on his 404 S Radio Truck which he has driven throughout New Hampshire Vermont and Maine.

Unimog Expedition Vehicles

MaxiMog Website
More of a show truck rather than a true expedition vehicle but very interesting and informative none-the-less.

Great shots of expedition vehicles. Expensive (and sometimes excessive) but one gets an idea of what is possible with a Unimog.

Darrin Fink's Website
Covers his Unimogs including his U1300 expedition conversion. Lots of good info.

Julia and Martin's Poco Loco Expedition Unimog
Great site and real nice Unimog.

Unimog Forums

Eddie Runners Unimog Forum
This mailing list has been around for quite a while and has lots of great posts. Jack Russell who was a regular contributor was a true source of reliable, accurate and balanced advice. Sadly he passed away but his posts, along with those of many other knowledgeable enthusiasts, is available in the archives.

Benzworld.org Unimog Forum

Excellent forum with good participation.

Other Expedition Websites

-keep posted for more websites relating to overland expeditions